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This site is intended to provide information about the Liner Notes that come with CDs. Some times it's just a single sheet of paper, sometimes it's a hefty booklet. With this site you can find this information out. There are lots of sites out there concerned with the music in an album, but very little information about the materials that come with the album itself, and this information is not centralized at all.

Uhh, Why?
Technology has gotten to the point where you no longer need to go to the store, real or virtual, to purchase music, yet people still do and they pay up to twice the price that they would compared to purchasing the music on iTunes. The difference between a physical album and what iTunes gives you is the CD and the Liner Notes. While you can make your own CD from iTunes, you can't get the Liner Notes and some are worth the extra cost.

So this site is intended to provide information about the quality of a particular albums Liner Notes so that you can then decide if it's worth paying the extra money for them and buy the physical album, or not and buy it through iTunes.

This site is inspired by my desire for this sort of information so I can stop wasting my money when I don't feel it is worth it, and so I don't buy something on iTunes when I'll just miss out on some cool extras from the Liner Notes.

The information on this site is all user supplied. If you own an album and it's Liner Notes and would like to add it here it's pretty simple. If you can add an album please do, regaurdless if it's Liner Notes are good or bad. Knowing about a bad album is just as important as knowing about a good one.
  1. Go to Amazon and search for the album.
  2. Scroll down the page a little and you'll see some details about the album, copy the ASIN value.
  3. On this site, go to the Add Album page and paste the ASIN into the box and click Submit
  4. Information will be collected from Amazon and displayed to help make sure you have the correct album and the information on the site is correct and consistant. The most accurate way to make sure you have the right album is to verify the UPC number. This will help with different versions of the same album especially.
  5. Fill in the form providing information about the albums Liner Notes. Try to supply meaningful information about the contents and quality of the notes, not about the artist or music. Think about the information you'd like to know if you were reading about this album's Liner Notes.
  6. Click Submit
  7. Done!

Prices for Amazon.com and iTunes are shown for each album listing. These links are referer links to Amazon.com and iTunes search, it costs you nothing extra to purchase the music through these links and it provides me with a little money to maintain and pay for this site to be up.

The prices on the Amazon links provide actual prices at Amazon.com. Amazon provides a nice interface to get at these values. The iTunes prices are estimates, they do not provide any interface to get at this so I estimate based on their typical pricing scheme as best as is possible. When you click on the iTunes links, this will open up the search screen in the Music Store in iTunes with the search pointed at the artist and album. The results will depend on iTunes actual availability.

This site uses perl to generate most of the dynamic pages. It uses the Net::Amazon module to access the Amazon.com developer interface to get item information which provides a nice method to prevent data entry errors. The site is hosted on 8-95.com.

Who Are You?
The site was written by Shane McDaniel. This includes the perl scripting as well as the database maintenance.
The site layout is the creation of Rachel Knickmeyer, which is much nicer than the old one. Rachel is also the brains behind the rather cool site name.

If you have any comments, or questions feel free to send a message.